ATM International USA Inc is hiring the following team members:

◆ Job Location- City and State
– Torrance, California
– Waikiki, Hawaii
– Bronx, New York

*Please list your city preference on your resume

◆ Job Tile
– Sales(Domestic)
– Accountant
– Document Controllers/Exporter
– Warehouse Staff
– Driver
– Factory Staff
◆ Work Hours
– Mondays thru Fridays, from 8:00AM to 4:00PM
◆ Days off
– Saturdays and Sundays
◆ Paid Days off
– 10 National Holidays (Part time employees are not eligible for Paid Holidays).
◆ Benefit
– Medical insurance only, does not include Dental insurance.
◆ Salary Incentive
– Offer eligible employee performance based incentive pay
◆ Vacation
– After six consecutive months of employment, an employee will receive 10 days of paid vacation.
◆ Job Description
– Sales(Domestic): Representative to meet with our customers and build a new client base in areas which includes restaurants, local markets as well as meat distributors. May have to travel on business trips within the US.

– Exporter: Knowledge and familiarity with the policies and procedures for exporting meat products for sale to the countries in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Oceania, and the EU.

– Document Controllers: Manage and oversee documents for company, make sure of the accuracy of documents comply with company procedures and regulatory requirements, while Implementing, directing, storing, updating, and distributing as required by the company.

– Accounting: Proficient in QuickBooks software

– Warehouse Staff: Receiving, Shipping, Inventory and all warehouse duties

– Driver: Deliver order in the company trucks to local areas

– Factory Staff: Processing the meat products at the Torrance facility, need to be cognizant of the various regulations as well as the company policy on handling raw meat products.

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