Miyazaki-Gyu ImportWhat is Miyazaki-Gyu

Our Strength

We deal directly with the Miyazaki cattle producer (Miyachiku) and import the highest quality A-5, BMS 8 or above, via chilled air freight every two weeks. Any section of the Miyazaki Wagyu can be imported and we also offer customized special cuts to ease use for customers. We only export carefully selected A-5 rank into the U.S.

Direct import

Products are shipped directly from the producer of Miyazaki Wagyu, Miyachiku, via the Fukuoka airport in the U.S.

Quality control

We only import Miyazaki A-5
(BMS 8 or above).

Store management

ATM International USA employees continue to regularly visit local production facilities and learn about grading, industry standards and more in an effort to continue to produce stable product quality.


Miyazaki Wagyu is imported on dry ice to maintain a constant temperature. Delivery is completed using refrigerated trucks. After arriving in the U.S., Miyazaki Wagyu is stored in our cold storage at 35-37°F.

What is Miyazaki-Gyu

Miyazakigyu is cattle that is born in Miyazaki prefecture, raised by a Miyazaki producer, and ranked A-4 or above.

Miyazaki Wagyu has received the National Wagyu Award three consecutive times and is also very well known name and quality. There are a few restaurants in Japan, which is owned by the Miyazaki producer, Miyachiku, where the flavor and quality of meats can be enjoyed.

Miyazaki is a brand name not only well-known in Japan, but also worldwide as a top quality Wagyu brand. For 3 years, Miyazaki Wagyu has been the rated as one of the best Wagyu brands in Japan. Our company purchases Wagyu directly from Miyachiku, the producer of Miyazaki Wagyu, and by selling in Japan, Asia, and the EU jointly with ATOM Co., LTD, we are able to offer competitive prices and top quality Miyazaki Wagyu to customers. Through a purchase agreement with Miyachiku, only Wagyu from A-5 graded (the highest grade; BMS 10+) Miyazaki Wagyu is purchased by our company and imported into the US and sold as the main source of supply of Miyazaki Wagyu in the US.

Miyazaki-Gyu Parts

Rib eye

The most tender cuts from the rib with superb marbling


Along with the rib eye, the striploin is the most tender cut. The fat has a fine texture, creating a great, umami flavor.


A small, but tender cut with finely textred fat. Even larger cattle do not generally produce large tenderloins, therefore, it is a highly valued cut.

Chuck Set

The fat of the chuck set has good marbling distribution and roast-specific thickness, which provides a unique flavor.

Round Set(Coulotte)

Picanha Coulotte is tender and has good flavor. This part of the meat can only be taken from a small amount of a cattle. It’s light but juicy. Picanha Coulotte is the part where the good points of lean meat and fat meat are taken. This fulfills our desire to be delicious and while staying healthy.

Round Set (Inside Round)

Inside Round is a lean cut with little marbling. Its tenderness and meat quality is average, so it is generally used as roast beef.

Round Set (Knuckle)

Knuckle is a cut with a fine texture and is tender, but with little fat. It is an optimal cut for those who prefer lean meat.

Round Set (Round Flat)

Round Flat is a lean cut suitable for being thinly sliced or cubed for stewing.

Round Set (Top Sirloin Butt)

Top Sirloin Butt is an especially tender cut from the round. A very tender steak with umami flavor called a Flap Steak can be derived from the Top Sirloin Butt as well as roast beef and Japanese-style Karupacho. The Top Sirloin Butt is very versatile and can be used in cooking, grilling, and more.

Case study of Miyazaki Wagyu sales

At a Japanese market in California, (Tokyo Central Yorbalinda), Miyazakigyu was placed in a glass counter case, while at Nijiya Market they offer Miyazakigyu on the 29th of every month, which is Meat day.