Meat Processing

ATM’s Working Unit Production Line Regulations

  • Product Meeting at the start of the day
  • Protective wear is mandatory in order to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety on the job
  • Protective wear can include: hat, mask, uniform, gloves, etc…

ATM’s Pre Operation Steps to prevent food safety hazards from raw material productions

  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils; maintain specified temperature per company regulations
  • USDA Food Safety and Inspection (FSIS) carries out USDA’s responsibility under the Federal Meat Inspection Act. These Laws protect consumers by ensuring that meat products are wholesome, unadulterated, and correctly labeled and packaged. Our company will adhere to these laws as well as state inspection programs that are applicable by law.
  • HACCP: set up and enforce the seven principles of HACCP
  • Enroll to become HACCP certified
  • Safe working conditions while working in a timely manner is mandatory
  • Quality Control is first priority

List of processed products

Processed Products: At our company, we do packaging, slicing, breeding and more. We process products according to our customer’s orders.


Chicken Cut

Chicken Katsu

Pork Katsu

Plate slice

Round slice

Equipment list

Blast Freezer/Blast Chiller


Vacuum Packaging Machine

Refrigerator, Freezer